What is the best kept fitness secret in the world? Trampolining!

On the contrary not many people are aware of all the benefits one stands to gain from using the trampoline. It is probably one of the most effective exercises known to man. Rebounding is a simple aerobic exercise which strengthens almost every part of your body without you realizing. It is gentle on your joints and every person can benefit from its use regardless of the age bracket they are in and even for people recovering from injuries.

Trampolining involves low impact movements and with little stress to the muscles which means you do not wear out very fast. It is reported that 10-20 minutes on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of walking or running. The trampoline absorbs most of the shock during the bouncing compared to jogging where the firm surface imposes high levels of stress to the weight bearing joints. The slight stress during trampolining is good for your joints and strengthens the muscles. As a result your muscles are well toned; you have a better balance and a good posture. It has also been proven to reduce chances of getting arthritis and osteoporosis.


When bouncing up and down and going against gravity, the body strength is enhanced thus the aerobic exercise is highly recommended. Due to the increase in heart rate the cardiovascular system is strengthened. The lymphatic system also provides nutrients to cells and eliminates various wastes from our bodies. The immune system promotes detoxification and performance levels. Circulation is in turn enhanced and adequate oxygen is pumped into the brain.


It may be simple fun but trampolining is a good option for exercise. It put every muscle in the body to the test including the stomach, legs, and the arms. Muscles are toned, calories are burned and the metabolism is increased which makes it a great tool for weight loss. It is effective and you do not have to go through strenuous exercises to achieve the same goal.


When all the benefits are combined, the trampoline wins without any arguments on its effectiveness. A trampoline is a fine investment for your children and even the adults. It may look like simple fun but they are actually getting healthier as they bounce around. It is a good workout for the body and the mind especially for young people who are still growing.


NASA scientists have discovered that rebounding is 68% more effective as a form of exercise compared to jogging even though one requires less effort. It is just as effective in improving upper and lower body strength as lifting weights at the gym. It is safer considering the damages one would incur when lifting weights such as torn muscles. Rebounding also proves a better sport than swimming which is an all-round sport.


A trampoline is not only great fun but also has significant health benefits as shown below:

  • Balance – the bouncing requires you to constantly change your position and to do this you have to be aware of how to balance your body through small physical movements.
  • Coordination – in order to achieve balance, you have to control the movements of your limbs and ensure that your left and right side move in unison. With these constant movements your body becomes adjusted and engaged which is the difference between trampolining and other sports which are usually ground based, such as football.
  • Rhythm – one has to create a tune with the trampoline so as to achieve the best height with the least effort.
  • Self-confidence – this is for people who are reluctant to try different sporting activities especially in children. Trying the trampoline gives one confidence in their abilities especially because there is no danger of falling. This way one can try out numerous physical activities without too much hesitation.
  • Cardiovascular fitness – trampolining involves increasing the pulse rate which strengthens the heart and muscles required for a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Bone density – bouncing up and down exerts a little pressure on the bones which in turn increases the bone strength to deal with the stress of the activity. This activity reduces the risk of injuries such as fractures and weak bones (osteoporosis).
  • Improved lymphatic circulation – even though minor, the short periods when your body is suspended in the air, the body gets rid of toxins. The level of activity and gravitational pull enable the lymphatic system achieve the main functions compared to other sports.
  • Low impact level – even though bouncing is simple, the acceleration and deceleration period is much longer compared to jogging where the surface is completely firm. To show how effective it is, David Beckham was seen using a mini-rebounder to build up his fitness levels and balance skills.


With modern science, we now know the benefits of having a trampoline which include both mental and physical. It is a great investment for future generations of Kenyan households and at the same time useful in keeping the parents fit.


It is actually more convenient to have 10 minutes of bouncing on the trampoline as often as you can instead of running for a mile with the aim of keeping fit.


Every Kenyan backyard will be complete with a trampoline and thanks to Hudora German technology that is introducing to the East African market the advanced technologies that make trampolines safer and of superior high-performance. They will enhance the health benefits and at no extra costs because they are available at affordable prices in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


A trampoline is a better option when different aspects are put into consideration. They are a fun recreation activity and at the same time a fitness tool compared to the television or the computer which do not entail much physical activity. The trampoline promotes interaction between family members while simultaneously achieving general well-being of each person.


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