What educational authorities say about TRAMPOLINING …

The Hudora trampoline plays an important role in muscle coordination and this is recognized in the normal development of a child. The trampoline recommended for all children including those who have poor muscle control and co-ordination. It has been shown to improve the child’s sight and physical control which are significant in academic excellence.

Development of body balance

A trampoline does not just involve bouncing because when you get back up, you have to maintain balance so that your center of gravity allows you to stand and fall in a comfortable position.


The rhythm and balance of trampolining

It may be simple but in order to achieve balance, your right side and left side have to be in union such that your body achieves a rhythm. The coordination of both sides ensures that you develop better bilateral motor skills.


The Hudora trampoline – A product meant to enhance coordination and balance

Children who use trampoline in Kenya are more likely to achieve better coordination and balance during the play session. The activity involved is simple and also makes them more active which makes the trampoline a better choice than other play activities like cycling.

After being used in a certain school, the teachers noted drastic improvement in the children’s concentration levels in class. Trampolining is a good option for children who are hesitant to try physical activities

The fact that trampolining is simple enables the child to gain courage and try out more activities. They are not afraid of failing and will begin on a positive note which is likely to push them on. They learn new skills in every physical activity and they become better at them.


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